Bridal Gown Finds

April 03, 2016

Modest White Gown

(Alexander McQueen Embellished Satin Gown $8,675) 

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina

Finding the perfect dress for your special day shouldn't be a headache. That's why we've searched the cracks and crevices of the internet to compile a list of wedding dresses that are as unique as you are. From sleek and modern styles to classic lacy looks, we've got it all at every price point. So whether you're looking to go all out or keep it simple and sweet, you'll want to browse through these finds.

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Modest Bridal

(David's Bridal Wedding Dress with Bead Lace $1,150) 

Modest Bridal Skirt

(Houghton Full Lace Skirt $4,950) 

Modest Bridal Gown

(Ca'rousel Nude Tulle Wedding Skirt $1,250) 

Modest Lace Bridal Gown

(Moonlight Couture Wedding Dress $1,650) 

Modest Bridal Gown

(Cathy Telle Cotton Wedding Dress $435) 

Modest Bridal Gown

(Victoria Spirina Rustic Wedding Dress $920) 

Modest Bridal Gown

(Cathy Telle Milk Shade Lace Dress $1,070) 

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