Community Faces: Meet Jordyn

June 14, 2016

modest maxi dress with sleeves

Today we are starting a new series to showcase the awesome ladies who make up the Mode-sty community (read our announcement on Instagram). It's been amazing to connect with and serve beautiful, talented and inspiring women from all walks of life. These Our Voice posts will showcasing you! We're celebrating the diversity and similarities of modest women by sharing our personal stories. 

First up is Jordyn a photographer, wife and mother from Utah now living in the Philippines. She is wearing the Empress Maxi Dress in Dark Teal We asked her: 

1. What does modesty mean to you? 
2. Where did you grow up/what was your upbringing like?
3. Whats something your passionate about? 
4. The media focuses on calamity and strife all over the world, what gives you hope about the future? 
modest maxi dress with sleeves
I grew up knowing it was important to be modest. It was just an unspoken rule and its followed me all the up to my adulthood knowing that I should dress modestly. I feel like if you dress and appear modest it will radiate your attitude and your personality and make you feel and act differently. When people get the wrong impression of you it can affect you in the wrong way and give people the wrong idea. I feel like a better person when I am dressed comfortably and modestly. 
I grew up in Morgan Utah. My husband, Kellin and I are now living in the Philippines for my husbands job and we have been here a little over three years. It's hard but so rewarding living in a third world country.
I feel like I'm very passionate about being a mom. I was told my whole life I wouldn't be able to have children and when I got pregnant and had my son, who is 2.5 years now, my whole entire world changed so now I try to not take one single day for granted with him because I know he is here for a reason and I'm meant to be his mom so I better be the best mom I can be. I love being his mom and knowing he loves and relies on me also. 
modest maxi dress with sleeves
Social media is SO hard. It's addicting and portrays life that isn't real. People just show the highlights of there life not the bad parts. So when we see all these amazing pictures of being a good mom, travel, fun, it is what they are doing but it's not what there entire life is like. People do not share the hard times or bad days. I just hope that I can focus on the moment and take it in rather then thinking of what picture I'm going to post of social media. But at the same time social media and the Internet are amazing. With all the and being a photographer my job literally depends on social media. So in a way it really can be a good thing if not taken advantage of. 
It also shows everything going on in every part of the world. Being over here in the Philippines we do not watch the news basically because we do not have it on our tv. The only way we find out about any news going on in the world is through the Internet. And sometimes it is nice not hearing about all the violence and crime going on. It makes the world seem a little more peaceful.
modest maxi dress with sleeves
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