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May 17, 2016

Modest Garden of Eden Blouse

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina 

I had the pleasure to speak with Eve Emanuel, the designer behind Brooklyn-based clothing company More Than just Figleaves. We have selected just a few of her timeless classic pieces to display here alongside an interview that will allow you to get a behind-the-scenes look at the contemporary label. 

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What is your inspiration for your line?

I am inspired by what I see and feel around me, by fabrics, color and mood and vibe. History has always fascinated me, so vintage/historical clothing definitely has an influence and I like to take those influences and translate them into a modern interpretation. Also,a lot of my past experiences, living in other countries, play a part in color and print choices. And of course the Fashion Industry and the new Streetstyle concept shown on social media such as Pinterest, is an exciting resource.

MTJFL is an upscale brand what are the details that make your pieces special?

At the beginning stages of forming a quality piece it is crucial that pieces are made in small batches in NYC. Smaller production runs means more personalization during the development and production .

Cut and Fit:

All clothing is fit on a “branded” fit model who’s specs have been thoroughly researched . This affects form and fit of the garment on a real woman. Each style is formulated with those measurements in mind by  the carefully selected patternmaker whose work gives each piece a style unique to the core of the brand.

Fabric Quality:

Fabric is personally chosen by the designer, for quality, comfort and wearability and brand representation. Fabrics are chosen for simplicity meaning and performance.


This is the essence of our brand. When the clothing is constructed with good finishes it gives the wearer a higher sense of comfort.For example, our signature crème blouse is sewn with “French seams” which is a luxurious finish on the seams. Attention to good seam alignment, correct stitch length, high end finishes such as seam binding on hems,and and hemming technique are also factors influencing the quality of the end product. Subtle detailing such as custom/dyed buttons, pleating, shirring, and trims,are added with thought and in line with the brand message.

How would you describe the MTJFL woman? 

An MTJF woman is sophisticated. She is educated in the art of living and is in harmony with herself and the world around her. She is up to date and modern but does not necessarily follow a crowd. Her inner knowing and inner confidence are her hallmarks of beauty, and that shows in her timeless taste, appreciation of subtlety, and modern sophistication.

How do you select the materials you use?

I select what inspires me , and then the idea forms. I like simple and basic fabrics. When seeing and feeling a fabric I get an idea of what I am going to make. Most of my fabric research is done online, as that lends itself to more diversity, yet some are established wholesalers who sell apparel fabrics in the Garment District NYC.  Lately I have been sourcing  sustainable fabrics, even using pieces from old dresses, to inspire new ones as I have always abhorred waste.

What are your plans for the future?

I am constantly researching how to make dressing women who appreciate fine dressing and modesty more universal. I would like to be more fearless in my designs, injecting more fun and innovation into my clothing using cutting edge ideas, thereby giving a choice for  women who value modesty to embrace global awareness and creativity to its fullest.

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