It's all in you Mind

July 10, 2015

By Mode-sty contributor Wendy Oduor, follow her on Instagram @heshimacouture

Growing up I was often told that a person’s thoughts eventually become their actions, which then become habits.  Do you agree?  I mean think about it, before you started reading this blog, a thought came to mind. Perhaps it was, let me see what this weeks’ Mode-sty blog is about or hmm this topic sounds interesting. You didn’t just read it. You had some type of curiosity that became a thought, which eventually led you to the actions of reading this.

Everything you do is rooted from a thought. Albert Einstein said that “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking”. Your thoughts create your world. Your thoughts most of the time determine what you can and cannot do, how you view yourself, perceive setbacks, your atmosphere and so much more. Your thoughts have power to determine an outcome.

If you think you can accomplish a goal, then your thoughts and actions will be driven toward accomplishing the goal.

If you think you can’t, you automatically disqualify yourself from a chance of success. The reason I say a chance of success, is that at times you may be positive towards accomplishing a goal, but then you end up not attaining the goal. The only difference is, if you remain positive, you will most likely try again and view this setback as an opportunity.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, your mind plays a big role in either making or breaking your self-esteem. You may have fashion curators who inspire your looks, but at the end of the day it is what YOU think of yourself that determines how you feel about your style and beauty. You can either have a constructive or a destructive definition of beauty.

In today’s era there a lot of “standards” set in what it means to be beautiful or fashionable that usually dismantle self-confidence, rather than build it. For example, women are known to obsess over Victoria secret models and knock down their individual uniqueness.

This is because they have allowed the standards of a Victoria secret model to be their criteria of what beauty means and instantly dismissed themselves, because maybe they did not have that six pack or long hair. I am not saying those models aren’t unique in their own ways, but how they look is their OWN standard, but it can’t be mine or yours if it only makes you feel horrible about yourself.

This takes us back to our so called thesis in the intro; your thoughts create your world.  Media shows a certain criteria of beauty. Millions of girls start thinking and eventually believing that this is the ONLY “fit” criteria. This leads to a handful of women even men who don’t think very highly of themselves. They let a negative thought in, which then created a negative world for them.

Thinking positive creates a positive world for yourself.  I believe that positive people get further in life than those who dwell on negative thoughts, so why not aim to be positive. But “How?” is always the question.

Train your mind

First, understand that thinking and staying positive is a daily practice. I am sure even the most positive person in your life has had a negative thought at some point in their life, the only difference is that they didn’t dwell on it. The goal is that you must train your mind to switch to positive mode, every single day.

This means being mindful of what you allow to influence your thoughts. If you watch, listen, or perhaps surrounded by those who only talk negatively, sooner or later you will believe these negative thoughts.  

Find posters, quotes, or pictures about positive thinking and hang them in your room, car, or anywhere around the house as a reminder that your mind is better when it’s positive. Just imagine walking to the bathroom, first thing in the morning, and the first thing you read is “I am beautiful” or “You can do anything you set your mind to”, I mean this would instantly bring positive energy to my brain.

After hanging up your favorite quotes, practice saying them.  Say your favorite quotes out loud as affirmation for you and your mind first thing in the morning and throughout your day. Positive speech exudes positive thoughts.

Sometimes finding help from others to steer us to start thinking positively is easier. So if you are having a hard time in doing the above steps perhaps , seeking out positive activities, friends and movements that will constantly add positivity to your life is the step for you. I would still encourage you to find a few positive quotes that you like to be a reminder of the process of renewing your mind, because at the end of the day it’s you and your mind.

Lastly, remember renewing your mind to think positive is living free. Anything negative is bondage. Thinking positive is freedom. Freedom from anyone or anything that may be holding you back. When you renew your mind, you become a fresh, rejuvenated, beautiful, unstoppable individual who views themselves and life situation through confident lenses.

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