Modest women are boring and don't care about style

July 13, 2012

“Modest women are boring and don't care about style”

For the past two months, we have been busy building relationships with designers and brands to become the premier destination for modest fashion shopping. We’ve heard from hundreds of modest or conservative women who love to be stylish. However when the majority of stylish outfits that are appropriate start at $2000, we have to resort to what’s out there and often end up compromising style. Conservative dressers are often stuck with:

  1. Plain clothes - boring colorless, shapeless, and detail-less
  2. One look - an outfit or combination we wear repeatedly  
  3. Layering - camisole or shells under immodest tops that make us hot and ruin the style

Mode-sty has a single focus: create a new way to shop for modest fashion -  for modest women by modest women. To do so, we have spent the past 2 months talking to women worldwide to learn about their frustrations and how we can alleviate them.

Our members are sick of spending hours sifting through mountains of clothes to find a single appropriate outfit whether for work, play, or formal. They are tired of spending extra money altered or adjusted garments. Many women also told us they didn’t have the visual acumen to assemble a modest and fashionable outfit (they knew a beautiful outfit when they saw one, but it was harder to put an outfit together for themselves).

Our first sale is on Wednesday, June 27 at 12PM EST (make sure you sign up and share!) And tomorrow we’ll share a preview of the beautiful styles we have put together for you! We will be featuring a limited edition dress designed specifically for our first sale. The dresses are designed by an American designer, Margaret Mousely, and will be produced in the USA. We will also be featuring beautiful summer tops by Zeena.

Since we are working with you to bring our vision to life we want to keep you informed on what we’ve learned thus far and how we are making decisions to move mode-sty closer to our vision.
What we learned:
  1. There is very limited styles from mainstream designers that would make a viable flash sale model. A flash sale is a sale where designer brands are available at deep discounts for a limited time. Generally, brands would give flash sale sites their entire unsold inventory for a deep discount. Given that most designers have only 1-2 items that would suit our members, it doesn’t make sense to pursue the traditional flash sale route.
  2. While working with designers, we realized that it isn’t that easy to “modestify” a beautiful outfit. Many designs look great because they are sleeveless or have a low neckline. Merely covering exposed areas rarely keeps the outfit as beautiful as the original.
  3. To raise the quality level of modest clothes, we need to add texture, motifs, and finer details. We found numerous modest dresses that are just plain - in terms of color and styles. An entire group of women shouldn’t have to settle for that!

We hope you’ll join us as we work to elevate the modest shopping experience!

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