Community Faces: Alisha

November 11, 2016

Modest Mother

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina

You may remember learning all about Jenny, a passionate mother of four who wore our Garden Party Dress at a convention. Well now we have another amazing mother to introduce you to.

Meet Alisha, a mama of two who is expecting her third. Here she is in our Dusty Rose Maxi Skirt. Check out the questions we asked her and then scroll through to browse her shots and see her answers.

1. What does modesty mean to you? 
2. What is something your looking forward to? 
3. What inspires you? 

Modest Maternity

Modesty is something that you grow into. It comes with maturity and wisdom. Modesty is something you only become comfortable with when you become comfortable with who you are. Being a mother of soon-to-be 3 daughters, I'm so glad I finally understand the power of a woman who is able to be modest. There's so much strength in a woman who lets her appearance reflect what's underneath the clothing. I have taught my daughters that our clothing is like the wrapping paper on a gift. We want it to be beautiful, to inspire awe, but mainly, we want people to long to know what's inside.  Anyone can buy beautiful clothes, anyone can dress in a way to distract others from learning what's underneath, but only the truly amazing realize that what's on the outside is merely wrapping paper for the true gift that's underneath. 

Modest Mother

I am looking forward to the birth of my third and final daughter and watching my beautiful girls grow into beautiful woman. I have Hartley, age 7, Ansley, age 2, and Remy, who is due to join us on December 5th. I am so blessed to have such amazing children who have taught me more in the past 7 years, than any school ever dreamed of. 

Modest Maternity

I am inspired by the future. I want to always leave a room brighter than it was when I entered it, and I'm striving to pass this on to my daughters. We are growing old in a very dark time. Hate surrounds us & fear looms. I am inspired by my ability to at least alter the future of three precious little girls and everyone they come into contact with. I pray that they will help to change the world into a more beautiful place. I am inspired by my belief that I can help them become everything they dream of being & that they can leave a mark on the world that lingers long after they've left. 

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