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October 03, 2016

Modest Garden Party Dress

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina

The Mode-sty community is made up of some seriously lovely ladies.You may remember our interview with Samina in our last blog post, and now there's someone else we'd like to introduce you to.

Meet Jenny, a passionate mother of four who is a big fan of our Garden Party DressCheck out the questions we asked her and then scroll through to see her answers.

1. What does modesty mean to you?

2. Where did you wear this dress?

3. What is something that you are looking forward to?

Modest Garden Party Dress

1. Today so many people try to get attention from their outward appearance which can grab the wrong kind of attention. Having three teenage girls of my own, I try to set an example of dressing modestly yet trendy. I feel that you can have your own style but also dress modest. I feel this way you display your inner beauty. I believe that if you have confidence in yourself, you don't have to get attention through dressing scantily. I believe the respect from both men and women rise when they see women modestly dressed.

2. I wore this dress at a convention where I spoke to many different entrepreneurs. I speak at many different events throughout the year. I talked about taking charge of your life and writing your own story. I talked about what success really means - that it doesn't come without a price that has to be paid. My husband and I have an overcoming story that we like to share to give people hope inspire them to follow their dreams.

3. I'm excited about helping others get out of the mental box that they and others have put themselves in, teaching them how to think a little differently, and go make an impact in this world. 

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