Discussing Modest Fashion with Mayim Bialik

November 13, 2016

By Zahra Aljabri CEO and Co-Founder of Mode-sty 

Hands up if you remember the show Blossom! If you do then that's how you were introduced to actress Mayim Bialik. Sure she's now Amy on The Big Bang Theory, but to me she'll always be Blossom. It's been wonderful to watch Mayim grown from a child actress grow into a relatable women. Particularly in today's society when anyone with diligent use of social media can take on the semblance of celebrity status. Mayim, an actually celebrity, is so grounded! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayim at the BlogHer conference organized by SheKnows Media. She was so sweet, sincere and thoughtful it blew my mind. I love her view on modesty and how she has maintained it in her character on The Big Bang Theory and on the red carpet! She's truly an inspiration for standing firmly in what you believe no matter how inconvenient or out of place you may appear to be. Like me she believes that modesty transcends faith and we filmed a short video on what modesty means to us. Watch it below:


Because being a mom and actress isn't enough Mayim also runs a blog- Grok Nation. Where she tackles important issues thoughtfully, things like parenting, women, culture, faith and of course Hollywood. Shortly after we met the French Burkini ban made worldwide news and Mayim asked me to write a piece for her blog you can read it here. You can also catch Mayim's thoughts on the modest swimsuit ban in her great video here.  


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