Founders Space: Winning BlogHer Pitch Competition

September 15, 2016

In August I attend the BlogHer conference and I participated in it's pitch competition. I was one of 5 female entrepreneurs to pitch our businesses to a panel of judges and 3000 conference attendees. 

Earlier in the conference, Kim Kardashian spoke and shared her take on body positivity. Saying she was proud of her body which is why she felt comfortable posting nude selfies. Clearly I have a different view of nude selfies however I appreciated her motivations because they are the same motivations I have for dressing modestly. I'm proud of my body too, I believe it's a precious gift that I'm supposed to take care of. I protect it to celebrate all that it is capable of and not subject to undue judgements based on its appearance.
When it was my turn to pitch I used the opportunity to talk about my motivations for starting Mode-sty, which were: 
  1. Cater to underserved women looking for modest fashion and by doing so change the conversation around modesty. Modesty doesn't mean oppressed, in fact choosing to dress modestly is just as powerful and liberating a choice as is choosing to wear nothing. 
  2. This space and store brings together so many women of different faiths. And though our shared love of modest fashion we begin conversations that meander to discuss relationships, work and parenting which end up showing that our differences are far outweighed by our similarities. By bringing diverse women together in this way we can build unity and community and drown out the voices of hate trying to divide us.   
After my pitch there were 4 hours of attendee voting. During that time I talked to hundreds of women who were moved by my pitch. I was overwhelmed to see and hear the diverse faces and voices that agreed with and appreciated my vision and goals. Later when I was announced as the winner of the competition I received a standing ovation. 
The whole experience was a wonderful reminder of the larger cause we are working towards. Mode-sty is more than about clothes it is about access, choice, independence, acceptance, tolerance and fitting it. Together we can change the misconceptions of modesty. 

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