Meeting Through Modesty

September 21, 2016

Modest Fashion Leaders

 by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina 

Our CEO and founder, Zahra Aljabri, had the honor of attending a symposium hosted by NYU's Costume Institute entitled "Meeting through Modesty". A diverse crowd gathered at the school's Einstein Auditorium eager to participate. The event opened with a a few words from Michelle Honig, a journalist who has written for the likes of She discussed the intersection of modesty and fashion and highlighted the history of modesty across multiple cultures and faiths. 

The next speaker to take the stand was Dian Pelangi, a world-renowned Indonesian designer whose 14 boutiques span across Southeast Asia. And following her was a panel discussion that consisted of industry professionals including designer behind the plus size label "Jane Watson", Lynn Bakri, FIT and Rutger's Art History Teacher, Dr. Ann Shafer, More Than Just Figleaves designer "Eve Emanuel", and the CEO of Haute Hijab, Melanie Eltruk. Fashion historian and curator, Ya'ara Keydar, moderated the panel asking questions such as "what do you think is the future of modest fashion?" and "what are your religious guidelines when dressing modestly?" before opening up questions to the audience.

Modest Fashion Panel

Throughout the event, there was real-time social media coverage by Orthodox Jewish blogger, Malky Weichbrod of "My Therapist Told Me to Write a Fashion Blog". "NYU Steindhart is weaving together a timeless and timely tapestry of modesty and style" she wrote, "synchronizing sartorial choices with spirituality." 

Lastly, the seminar ended with a  light closing reception where guests were able to mingle and speak one on one with one another as well as with the speakers and panel members. Between nibbles, the event-goers took pictures together, shared contact information, and further discussed the topics that were brought to light. 

 Modest Panel Members

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