BTS: United by Modesty Video

March 01, 2017

Modest Video

 Meet the five women in our "United Through Modesty" video. 


Modest has a few different meanings for me, but I think it is summed up best in the words of Jeffrey R. Holland. He says,

"Choose your clothing the way you would choose your friends—in both cases choose that which improves you and would give you confidence standing in the presence of God. Good friends would never embarrass you, demean you, or exploit you. Neither should your clothing." Jeffrey R. Holland
Modesty shows my respect for myself as well as my respect for my Father in Heaven. As a daughter of God, I want to look and act like I know who I am. That doesn't mean I don't often fall into the trap of wishing I could wear this or that, but it reminds me of my commitment to God. I've also learned that modesty does not mean dressing like a pioneer woman who crossed America with a hand cart. I can appropriately cover my body and still be fashion forward and beautiful in what I wear. 
My style icon is Kate Middleton. A good friend once told me to strive to be beautiful and refined in every way. This perfectly describes Kate Middleton. She doesn't follow trends, she sets them. The one word I think of when I hear her name is classy. She dresses and handles herself in the classiest way imaginable. I believe her actions stem from the way she dresses. She knows she represents the royal family and that shows through her style choices. 
Modest Video

According to me, I interpret modesty just as the scriptures describes it; in 1 Timothy 2:9-10. The meaning I get from it, is ultimately we women shouldn't dress or do certain things for any selfish gain or attention. The real attention we should seek should be from God. Our motives should be pure in the way we carry ourselves from the inside and out. Respecting our body and spirit, is what pleases God and that is what modesty is all about.

I don't really have a style icon, I pretty much admire certain public figures style choices at certain times. Those individuals are, Michelle Obama, Marjorie Harvey, Zendaya, and Lupita Nyongo.

Modest Video


I compare modesty to self-confidence. It's a trait  - not just a way of dressing - and also a struggle we all have, to keep at a healthy level. It's not all about showing who we are, being boastful, but it's also not all about being bashful either. Modesty I think is an elegance, a sense of gracefulness and confidence in who we are. Maybe like the girl next door?

I love Iris Apfel. I admire her style even though it is very different from my own. The way she uses clothing to express who she is, is so refreshing and creative. Her style is so unusual and perfectly complicated in a time when style has become so similar, so messy and casual. Or in her own words, "I like individuality. Everything is so homogenized these days." I also admire the works of couturiers Charles James, Alexander McQueen and Valentino for the same reason: they brought out the woman in the dress. 
Modest Video
Modesty to me means honoring yourself by covering your overall outer beauty and letting your personality, your actions showcase who you are as an individual.
My experiences so far through my Modesty journey I feel more comfortable, calm, and it encourages me to live a more halal way.

Rihanna is definitely my style icon. She is known for wearing revealing clothes, she's not the exact poster face for Modesty. But what I admire about my girl Rihanna,she doesn't care to dress to fit in with the next person. She's not afraid to play around with bold colors,patterns, and fabrics etc...
These are some elements I go by with my personal style.
Modest Video

Modesty is a lifestyle to me. It is a culture that can stem from your faith, your ethnicity, or personal preference. For me, I want my modesty to show that yes, although I am dressed up and polished and feeling beautiful, you see Samiah the soul, before the vessel. My modesty keeps me centered and grounded. It goes passed my manner of dressing, it also includes my character.
I would say my style icon would be fashion blogger Summer Albarcha. She can mix up street and feminine pieces and is super resourceful in layering different pieces. The average woman can relate to her fashion choices.

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