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June 29, 2016

Modest Customer

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina 

If you loved reading about Jordyn, one of the awesome ladies who make up the Mode-sty community, then you're going to love finding out about this beautiful, talented, and inspiring woman.

Meet Esther, a community teen leader and dance teacher from London who is wearing our now sold out Glorious Brocade Midi Skirt. These are the questions we asked her:

1. What does modesty mean to you? 
2. Whats something your passionate about? 
3. The media focuses on calamity and strife all over the world, what gives you hope about the future? 

Modest Midi Skirt

Modesty is a subject very close to my heart. Looking at media today, the way people dress sends an instant message. Kate Middleton, for example, you see and immediately feel respect. A singer dressed (or undressed) in skimpy clothing immediately sends a message of objectification. Of look at my body. I believe dressing modestly is choosing to cover your body only in order to reveal your personality. Treating your body with respect by not flaunting it means you feel you are more than merely something up for objectification. You are a person. The more a person values themselves, their personality, their body, their character - the less that person will feel the need to show skin.
I know this may sound harsh, and it may sound like I think everyone who wears a low neckline has low self esteem. On the contrary, I know that in today's fashion this sense of sensitivity has largely been lost. But I feel blessed that it is a feeling that I live and breathe every second of every day. That I am invincible. That I am powerful. That I can do anything. That I am respected and valued. I was not taught to be a prude. But simply that by dressing and behaving in a modest, classy way will ultimately open the most doors.

Modest Midi Skirt

I think that a lot of people view modesty as an old fashioned, restricting way of life. They feel that they are squashed in a box, and they need to break out of it in order to follow their dreams. As a dancer, dance teacher and an orthodox Jew I am a huge advocate for providing creative outlets and making opportunities available to young people so they shouldn't feel like they need to give up their values in order to succeed.
I attended ballet classes since I was 3 and never ever stopped. I currently teach ballet at a dance school here in London. Dressing modestly and attending women only classes never stopped me from achieving my goals, and ultimately taught me I can be myself and do anything. Today's world is one of limitless opportunity. Having modesty as a priority never subdued my active, crazy, spontaneous personality and if anything it only conditioned me to be the best version of myself I could be. I hope to be an example to women and girls from all kinds of backgrounds that modesty has a place in today's lifestyle, and that it will only help you achieve your dreams, and never prevent you from it. 
This is why I don't watch the news haha. I take everything to heart and hearing the tragic news that goes on does affect me emotionally. I think when you look at the world around you, not through a screen, but at the people you surround yourself with, the breeze outside, a flower blossoming, a smile passing - you feel hope and joy and know that truly the good in the world outweighs the bad. That's why good stuff isn't on the's not novelty.
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July 17, 2017

Vorrei questo vestito ma non riesco a capjre come si fa


July 17, 2017

Ma come faccio a comprare questi vestiti?


December 17, 2016

Hello Esther, and all other modest fashionistas!
Thank you so much for this beautiful article
As a girl quotes “modesty is my ornament” it really makes me happy knowing there’s still girls thinking that way all around the world :)
You really made my day!

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