Rox the Fox

November 16, 2016

Modest Cotton Gown

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina 

Meet Rox the Fox, a fashionista based in Canada who has put together some drool-worthy looks. Whether she's pulling off a pop of color or toning it down with a classic black and white combo, she's doing it in style. Seriously though, this chick's wardrobe is our #goals and after browsing through her enviable OOTD's we're definitely feeling inspired to freshen up some of our own ensembles. So take out a pad and pen because after you see how she pairs her pieces, you'll want to take some notes. 

Another blogger who has got us on our toes is this Dallas-based mama of two. Check her out! 

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Modest in Yellow

Modest Pleated Skirt

Modest Style

Modest Pant Look

Modest Pink Pants and Blazer

Modest Outfit

Modest Green Pants

Modest Fashion

Modest Red Dress

Modest Fashionista

Modest Style

Modest Outerwear

Modest Purple Skirt

Modest in Black and White

Modest Trousers

Modest in Black

Modest Pink Pants

Modest Wide Leg Pants

Modest Trousers

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