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February 02, 2017

Modest in Satin

(Matthew Williamson Satin Pleat Skirt $320)

by Yonit Willis, modest fashion blogger at Miss Mellalina 

Who ISN'T a fan of all things smooth and glossy? The silky feel of satin is something almost everyone can get behind. It's sleek, it's delicate, and it's lustrous gleam turns any ordinary look into a polished one. And that's why we've scoured the web to bring you the best satin styles on the modest market. We've gathered everything from embroidered kimonos to marble printed pleats so there's a little something for everyone. We search, you shop. It's that simple. Enjoy!

Another luscious fabric we just can't get enough of is velvet. Get in on the trend here.

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Modest Black Skirt

(Storets Black Satin Skirt $74)

Modest Pink Skirt

(J.Crew Fluted Skirt in Italian Satin $200)

Modest Outfit

(Topshop Satin Palazzo Trousers $100)

Modest Fuchsia Skirt

(Storets Bright Satin Skirt $97)

Modest Floral Pants

(Missguided Floral Print Culottes $45)

Modest Blue Skirt

(Storets Metallic Satin Pleated Skirt $68)

Modest Maxi Skirt

(Forever 21 Blush Satin Maxi Skirt $20)

Modest Pleated Skirt

(Storets Satin Ribbon Pleated Skirt $68)

Modest Joggers

(Missguided Satin Cuffed Joggers $29)

Modest Blue Dress

(Boohoo Satin Wrap Tie Dress $29)

Modest Satin Pants

(Missguided Satin Wide Leg Trousers $54)

Modest Gold Pleated Skirt

(Boohoo Satin Pleated Skirt $26)

Modest Satin Skirt

(Storets Satin Skirt $74)

Modest Marbled Skirt

(ASOS Pleated Skirt with Marble Print $53)

Modest Outfit

(Missguided Satin Pleat Midi Skirt $51)

Modest Hot Pink Skirt

(ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleated Satin $53)

Modest White Skirt

(A'Gaci White High Low Skirt $40)

Modest Lace and Satin Dress

(ASOS Contrast Lace Midi Dress $91)

Modest Kimono

(Urban Outfitters Embroidered Kimono $169)

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March 06, 2017


March 06, 2017

If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then midi dresses with sleeves shows the neat and pure of a girl.

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