United Through Modesty

February 08, 2017

The concept of modesty is universal. Nearly every faith extols the virtue of modesty as a symbol of focusing on one's inner character. When I dreamed of a modest shopping destination I always envisioned it as a place that would bring together women of various faith. Of all that I have accomplished with Mode-sty I am most proud that it equally serves Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Christian, Agnostic and Athiest women. 

The singular lesson the women in the Mode-sty community have taught me is that our similarities far outweigh our differences. For me, a Muslim woman, the current political climate has cast me as an outsider and I'm so grateful to have a connection with diverse women. It inspired me to bring together a few women to showcase our similarities. My hope is that we can have more of these conversations to streghten our connections build solidarity. Together we can help drown out the voices of hate that our trying to divide us. Join the movement use #ModestyCommunity to share your stories and we'll repost here.

Join our community here.


Zahra Aljabri, CEO of Mode-sty 

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Nima Mohamed
Nima Mohamed

March 02, 2017

I love this website


February 11, 2017

Can you please let me know about your shop or if you’re having a pop up. I’m desperately searching for a beautiful modest prom dress for my daughters Senior prom. We live in Hawaii but will fly to NY to find a dress. Mahalo.

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