Our Story

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We make it easy to be stylish and modest. 

We founded Mode-sty because fashion and modesty are not opposites or reserved for royalty. We wanted to provide ourselves and women everywhere access to stylish modest fashion. Items that any women would want to wear simply because it's beautiful. 

We also founded modesty to unite the wide spectrum of modest women. Women of many faiths or no faith need a single destination where they can commiserate and share their love for beautiful modest fashion. Our aim to support and develop a community of diverse and interfaith women who breakdown misconceptions and stereotypes realizing though a shared love of fashion that we have much more in common than we have different. 

We have a big vision at Mode-sty to build the ASOS or Shopbop of modest fashion. A place where modest brands and name brands can offer their beautiful modest collections to women worldwide. There is a long road ahead and we're so grateful to have you on the journey with us. 

James and Zahra
Husband and Wife Co-Founders of Mode-sty
Yonit Willis Content Manger and modest blogger at Miss Mellalina 
Yonit Willis modest fashion blogger
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