Finding The Perfect Hemline

Modest hem length get the perfect length dress or skirt

At Mode-sty we always provide the length of our skirts and dresses and we want to make sure that information is useful to you. We want you to have confidence in knowing where a garment will hit on your leg, saving you for unnecessary returns and uncertainty when making a purchase.

To help, we've created the guide below. For each hemline you are looking for, find your height range in the box on the left. Then on the right you will see the corresponding dress and skirt length in inches you will need to have a garment that hits at that length.  This is just a guide as some women have legs that are shorter or longer compared to their torso that you will need to account for. To have more certainty you will need to get the following two measurements:

    1. Your height.
    2. The length of any one of your skirts or dresses, be sure to measure it from waist/shoulder to hem. Note weather a skirt sits at the high waist or natural waist because this will affect where it hits relative to you knees. 

Using that information you should be able to modify the guide below to know exactly what length your looking for, to get your desired hemline.