We wouldn't exist without the support and generosity of our members. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of them. Below are a few quotes directly from our members on why modest shopping with Mode-sty is simply better.

"I love this [Lev Collection] dress! It is the most beautiful dress in my closet.  I wore it last Sunday and probably got more compliments on it than I had on any other outfit I had worn before.  It is so beautiful!  I was planning on putting a picture of it on Facebook, I'll do that sometime this week and tag mode-sty in it." - Mandy

"I absolutely loved my beautiful dress and the fantastic service! I am actually hoping to be able to be purchase the dress in the shorter version if it becomes available again, because I like the long one so much." - Patricia

"I am very satisfied with my purchase, the dress is so lovely and I adored the packaging! Thanks for the gifts as well :)" - Mariam

"I had a great experience with Mode-sty! It's so nice to buy things I know I wont have to alter or layer! I would for sure buy from them again and I can't WAIT till the next sale!" - Lauren

"Thank you so much for the beautiful dress! It fits perfectly! Thanks as well for the cute gift! Looking forward to purchasing more modest clothing from you!" - Rivka

"I purchased this dress over the summer and I have received so many compliments on it. It was such a different experience shopping on this web site. I have never seen such attentiveness from a web site. Sarah is so pro active and always takes the time to let you know answers to questions you might not have even thought to ask! I look forward to buying from this site in the near future." - Michelle

"This has been a go-to dress since I purchased it this summer. To top it all off, it arrived beautifully packaged along with some great free gifts! A great online shopping experience!" - Rebecca

“I think it's frustrating that the current fashion industry is so intent on instilling the idea that girls must be sexy in order to be beautiful. I think it's really important to show that modesty can be beautiful. Thank you for your amazing site!” M.C.

“Seriously, mode-sty.com is genius. Pure genius! I love the idea and I'm so glad someone's actually working on making it a reality!”- A.P.

"This is a truly beautiful and stylish dress! Falls perfectly, and is modest without being shapeless. I receive so many compliments (even from strangers) every time I wear it." - Mariam

"I just got this dress and I had an amazing shopping experience with Mode-sty! You were so helpful over the phone and I appreciate all the helpful modesty information on the site. I can't wait to get the dress in the mail and to shop with you guys again! Love!" - Alicia